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Our Experience

The Phillips Group has been analyzing and repairing USPS Mailer Scorecard and eDoc issues for over 10 years. We bring years of executive level operations experience in the Direct Mail Industry to you. We share our expert level knowledge with yours.... at reasonable rates. 

CALL US TODAY @ 763-227-2002 to find out how we can help you find and repair your USPS Mailer Scorecard Issues.

The Process....

Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify your current Scorecard issues. We perform a detailed data analysis of your current USPS Mailer Scorecard and create a roadmap for you to solve your errors. 

Why Us?

We don't just report your Mailer Scorecard errors....

We REPAIR your Mailer Scorecard Errors. 

Let us use our hands-on mailing industry experience to find the root causes for your Mailer Scorecard issues. We will not only fix your current issues, but set a plan of action going forward to prevent future issues. If needed we can supply monthly monitoring and/or onsite operational help to eliminate errors caused by your current processes or human errors. 


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